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Pacific Institute of Reflexology Pacific Institute of Reflexology
We offer a comprehensive presentation of reflexology for everyone from first-timers to seasoned professionals, including: articles, research studies, FAQ, history, training courses, professional & student clinics, referral directory of reflexologists, instructional video/DVD, hand, foot & ear charts, books, self help products, LaFuma chairs, and more…
The Association of Reflexologists The Association of Reflexologists - Delivering Excellence In Reflexology
The AoR is a member of the Reflexology in Europe Network and the International Council for Reflexologists and provides up-to-date information on reflexology worldwide. Reflexology, reflexologist, reflexology training, reflexology research, learn reflexology, area groups, career in reflexology, reflexology course, find a reflexologist
Reflexology Meridian Therapy at Holistic Junction Reflexology Meridian Therapy at Holistic Junction
Reflexology & Meridian Therapy are combined healing arts that utilize stimulation of the feet, hands, ears, and meridian lines to correspond...

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